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At Avid, Loudspeakers are our specialty. We provide Loudspeakers lines of the highest calibre in all categories so whether you are looking for a lifestyle, on-wall, in-ceiling or audiophile grade loudspeaker you have come the right place. Avid offers uncompromised quality grade loudspeakers so our customers can be assured that they get the absolute highest results from their theater and audio system. We carry loudspeaker with very diverse products lines from our manufactures to ensure flexibility in installations. We also chose our loudspeaker lines on years of experience of listening and products built on the highest standards and passion not what is popular. Make sure to check out our amazing loudspeaker lines from Revel, Definitive Technology, Angstrom, Thiel, and more.

Avid offers you are discreet home loudspeaker options to the ultimate in performance statement products giving you amazing options and solutions. With our loudspeaker companies always working hard to provide the absolute highest standard of product for our customer with the ultimate sound quality in price per category we believe we have some of the strongest loudspeaker lines available. We also carry loudspeaker lines that give strong representation in the following categories for all our customer requirements.

Towers/Floors Standing Loudspeakers

larger fuller bandwidth loudspeaker offering higher performance and higher power handling, Tower & Floor loudspeaker are designed for the ultimate in sound reproduction

Bookshelf Loudspeakers

A smaller more limited bandwidth loudspeaker usually requiring a loudspeaker stand, Bookshelf loudspeakers offer high performance options for smaller spaces.

On-Wall Loudspeakers

Smaller compact bandwidth limited loudspeakers often designed for mounting around your television and rear effects

In-wall & In-Ceiling Loudspeakers

Offering an array of discrete low profile loudspeakers, in-wall & in-ceiling loudspeakers offer anything from a basic inexpensive to the ultimate in performance and price. Most all in-ceiling in-wall speakers will mount flush into your wall and can offer an array of models and solutions from woofers, surround, LCR, and main loudspeakers.

Lifestyle Loudspeakers

Usually a much smaller and lower profile loudspeaker, Lifestyle loudspeaker offer unique design, and modern options for your home that can include on-wall, micro sized, and tower options

Subwoofer/Low Frequency Transducers

Designed with one purpose to produce low frequency bandwidth. Subwoofers and Low Frequency transducers are designed to offer bass extension and tactile sound for you movies, and music. Subwoofers and Low frequency Transducers are available in all sizes from small to massive statement products with an array of controllability.

Surround & Rear Effect Loudspeakers

Available in all shapes and sizes surround loudspeakers are designed to reproduce the rear ambient sound for your movies, television, and video games. They can also be used to enhance your music reproduction using DSP modes. Surround & Effects loudspeakers use several different technologies from Monopole, Bi-pole, Di-pole and Tri-pole designs.

Center Channel Loudspeakers

Used extensively for you surround encoded material from your movies, television and Video games, the center channel reproduces the entire dialog in your home theater. This is one of the most important loudspeakers in your home theater system.

Outdoor Loudspeakers

Designed for taking your music outside for you to enjoy, outdoor loudspeakers are available with options for wall mounting, flush mounting, environmentally designed (like rocks & Logs)and very discreet to fully invisible models.

Our Brands

Our goal at Avid is to provide a strong unique loudspeaker lines that provide outstanding performance. Avid Audio Video Installation and Design offers the following lines for you to check out.


Angstrom offers a unique Canadian loudspeaker line with a very passionate level of performance and design. Offering incredible value Angstrom build loudspeakers that surpass build quality of many well know loudspeakers lines out there. Angstrom loudspeakers offer audiophile performance with fast articulate sound that surpasses products at several times the price. With some of the best sounding loudspeakers we have heard in on-wall, in-wall and Audiophile loudspeakers no matter what the price, Angstrom offers customers exceptional value and some of the best warranties in the industry with 7 years on their loudspeakers and with lifetime warranties on their architectural in-wall and in-ceiling products. Make sure to check out their Suono, Ambienti, Modular and Obbligato loudspeaker products by Angstrom.


One of the highest end and highest regarded speciality loudspeaker companies in the world, Harman International Specialty group launched Revel in 1996. Raved about by audiophiles, reviewers and listeners a like Revel is know as the world’s finest loudspeaker. Revel loudspeakers consist of four product lines Concerta, Performa, Ultima 2 and in-wall. Make sure to check out their brand new Ultra high end Ultima 2 Salon’s and Concerta on-wall lifestyle product. Offering some of the absolute highest calibre loudspeakers in the world Revel really gives you unlimited performance capability.

Definitive Technologies

Regarded very highly in audio community Definitive Technologies offers a vast selection of highly impressive performing loudspeaker in all categories. Definitive technologies offer amazing performance in every loudspeaker line they make. Offering high quality standards Definitive Technology offers customers a vast selection of loudspeakers designed to entirely match every product they build. This offer’s our customers the ultimate in solutions and flexibility for there home by being able to mix and match loudspeakers that can fit into there living space. Definitive technology offers some of the best looking and designed loudspeakers we have ever worked with and has become a favourite among us and our customers. Make sure to check out Definitive Technology full line of loudspeakers including there Super Towers, Mythos, Subwoofers, architectural, and outdoor loudspeakers.


Yamaha has been offering high performance and highly noted loudspeakers for decades. From Yamaha’s legendary Natural Sound NS1000, NS2000 and NSX 10000 loudspeakers and rare and highly desirable Centennial Series systems Yamaha has provided an outstanding track record. Yamaha offers great selections of loudspeakers for all your individual needs from small life style to beautiful Soavo Hi-Fi two channel audio and Home theater products. Make sure to check out Yamaha’s Subwoofer, Outdoor Soavo, and Performance loudspeaker selection on our site.

Monster THX

Monster offers a very unique high calibre focused Line of THX specialty loudspeakers. These loudspeakers are designed for the absolute highest performance for your home theater sound reproduction. Absolutely stunningly designed this loudspeaker offers you a beautifully finished product, while providing you with everything you need with a minimum of decision making. Make sure to take advantage of getting the most out of these loudspeakers by pairing with some THX audio equipment.

Anthony Gallo Acoustics

Anthony Gallos offer incredibly high quality performing loudspeakers in a very small unique ultra modern package. After listening to the Anthony Gallo Nucleus Micro and A’Diva we knew we had something great. Offering unique design, high quality and performance with a very new stylish design Anthony Gallo give’s you a fun uncompromised audio solution for your home. Anthony Gallo Acoustic also offers an array of flush and surface mounting options and loads of great colours for your unique home décor.


Thiel offers incredible high performance no compromise loudspeakers based on one simple notion, make the best loudspeaker for you money period. Thiel offers stunning performance on every loudspeaker they make while offer beautiful styling. Using unique incredibly built cabinets, and patented ultra high performance loudspeaker drivers you will be floored when you listen to a Thiel loudspeaker. If you are looking to upgrade your audio system or want to build an incredible Hi-Fi or Home theater with the highest performance make sure to check out Thiel loudspeakers.

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